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Paul Goodwin

Paul joined the British army in 2003 as a boy soldier and has enjoyed a enjoyed a full and exciting career. Notably, his favourite part of his career was in Helmand Province where he first laid eyes on his future wife at 2000ft as she was flying him into operations, there was something special about smelling aviation fuel, cordite and perfume all at the same time! As the famous saying goes, the rest is history! (Definitely one to tell the kids!)

Paul has took part in sports parachuting in the military but took a turn towards paramotoring as it seemed to be the thrill and adrenaline that he was missing since army life started to slow down. Since the first day he got airborne and saw the ground disappear from under his feet, he has never looked back. 

Now he uses his skills and his eccentric nature to expand what can be done with a paramotor and has focussed his attention on the art of Gender reveals, the idea stemming from his own daughters earlier this year - It's from this moment that Goodwings Epic Gender Reveals was born!

Gemma Goodwin

Our staff

Gemma has always had a fascination with the skies. She knew from an early age that somehow she needed a job that would allow her to sit comfortably above terra firma, and get paid for it! 

She perhaps however, didn't choose the ideal job for comfort, as she joined the Royal Air Force as a Chinook Crewman, deploying to Afghanistan on numerous occasions, during what would have been the most volatile years of operations. 

During her 1000 hours of flying she was responsible for the defence of the aircraft, the safety of troops on board and acted as the extra eyes and ears for the pilots during flight.

Now serving as a transport aircraft loadmaster, Gemmas' days of firing an M134 Mini gun from the door of a Chinook long may be over, but you can rest assured her aviation experience and knowledge gleaned from nearly 13 years in the industry, along with her cool headedness and calm composure are still as sharp as they were back in the day!

Freya Stephens

We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest staff member, Paramotor pilot- Freya Stephens.

Freya who is originally from Detroit, Michigan first found the love for the sport across the pond whilst also having flown trikes for over a decade.


She then moved to the UK in 2000 and now owns ‘Cosmetic Laser Removal’ which specialises in tattoo removals and resides in Southend-on-sea with her teenage son.


In between her busy schedule she is also an assistant flying instructor at a local Paramotor training company. 

Welcome to the team Freya!