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Before you dive into the exciting depths of our website, please take a few moments to see what we offer by viewing our own personal gender reveal video which was created a few months ago and is what gave us the idea to develop this hobby into a business venture. Please check back with us over the upcoming weeks and months for new customer video footage and images. Happy viewing!  

Our very own Gender Reveal!

Pink or Blue?!

Who we are

We are a unique business which specialises in gender reveals in a new and dynamic way. Forget coloured confetti, balloons and cake - better still, forget the nay-sayers who haven't yet grasped this form of celebration and announce your babies‘ gender in style.

Laugh in the face of negativity and do something epic and unique that will most certainly be remembered for many years to come. It is time to acknowledge that gender reveals have crossed the pond and that they are here to stay!

What we offer

Looking for unusual gender reveal ideas? We specialise in epic gender reveals by paramotor, using coloured smoke secured to the pilots leg which is then pulled once over head at your chosen location to reveal the gender of your little one, surrounded by your friends and family in the comfort of your own home or wherever that chosen location may be (subject to UK air restrictions)

Suitable from 16 weeks pregnant when the early scans are viable, all we ask is for you to provide us with the gender of your baby in a sealed envelope given to you by the clinic or hospital and leave the rest of the surprise to us. Whether you choose to find out on the day of the scan and would like to surprise the rest of your friends and family or you choose to let it remain a complete secret until the smoke is popped, rest assured it is a beautiful memory that will never fade! 

What is paramotoring?

Paramotoring is an extreme sport using a paraglider wing combined with an engine, which is attached to the pilot's back. The motor provides enough power to make the take off run just a few paces long. The paramotor and paraglider are easily transportable, fitting into the back of a normal car.

Once airborne, you can switch the engine off and fly the wing like a normal paraglider, using the power of thermals to keep you aloft. Should you need it, you can restart the engine to return home. Alternatively you can use your paramotor for cross-country flights, landing for fuel (near a petrol station) when you need to.

What we do

Gender reveals have broken out of America, crossed the pond and are now making an appearance on our friends and family's news feeds up and down the country, but how long until balloons filled with confetti or the "cutting of the coloured cakes" become a thing of the norm? Why spend £100 plus for a reveal package that you'll end up having to hoover up at the end of the day? DO. SOMETHING. EPIC.

Ever dreamed of doing something wildly romantic or thoughtful, such as draw a heart in the sky by plane but cant afford to charter one? Join the club! Well here at Goodwings Gender Reveals we have the alternative cheaper answer. Our paramotor pilots can launch from near enough anywhere, fly to your desired location and reveal the sex of your new addition with a spectacular display of blue or pink smoke from around 2000 ft.

Like what you see?

Continue reading for more information or click the button below to take you to our packages and prices page and that one step closer to your epic gender reveal.

Important Information

Air space restrictions

Limitations apply due to UK air restrictions, so some customers may not be able to enjoy the display from the comfort of their own gardens, but we will endeavour to find an alternative special location for you and your loved ones to enjoy the display and more importantly, the moment you find out if you're expecting a princess or a prince or maybe more!! We do however draw a line at Octuplets as we don't have enough smoke, pilots or "baggage allowance" to carry the cartridges!!

Weather limitations

Whatever your needs, we will try our utmost to meet them, please just get in touch by using the contact form, via email or by phone and we will tailor the reveal to meet your requirements. One thing that we must stress however, is that our reveals are very much weather dependant so should the reveal need to be changed due to the weather forecasts ahead, we will discuss this with you as well as your other options at the time of booking.

Paramotor pilot - Paul Goodwin

What you get!

Our prices start from £165 for a mid-week package and prices vary depending on the number of high output smoke cartridges required and the complexity of your requests. As well as the smoke release you will also receive a Goodwings gift bag and an edited video compilation of your reveal taken from both the air and the ground, which can be put to music of your choice if you so wish.

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